Inside Out, 22-Jan 2018 7.30pm BBC1

As you will all probably know, “The Heaton Goonies” have been getting filmed by the BBC this last couple months, Whilst we have been out & about on rides.. We have even been doin some indoor non cycling activitys, Because of the winter weather..

To get a better understanding of who the East Ends ONLY KIDS cycling group are.. What were all about as a group & to show all the great benefits of the group to the Goonies that use it..

You lot have seen & heard what the Goonies get to on our group page, through pics and posts ect.. Now you guys can see it for yourselves & any future Goonies can to.. Yourselves & your potential Goonies will get a better idea of how our group works (Safely) & hopefully they like what you & they see & wish to join team Heaton Goonies some time in the future.. Hopefully we have showed our groups massive potential & all the positives that come with it..

I done my very best by the Goonies & our group, tbh i was defo out my comfort zone & very nervous whilst being on camera.. Hopefully I don’t look & sound like a

All the Goonies were epic during filming 99% of the Not 1 of them was phased by any of it tbh.. So I am massively proud of every single 1 of them and like to “Thank” them all very much for helping me represent our group..

Also I would like to “Thank” our very beneficial Sponsor Carl from C.R PLASTERING.. For helping make our group what it is today

With out Carl’s Sponsor & Backing we would not be able to run our group with such a high standard of safety as we are.. He personally got all the Goonies & Adult helpers New fully visible high vis vest & got them printed, Keeping all the Goonies highly visible to every 1 at night Or through the day..

More so carl helped us massively by getting us all new safety helmets.. (Which we didn’t as a group own) That tbh have all ready be tested out & saved a few accidents from being more serious than the would of been with out the safety precautions & protection set in place.. I have personally be told on a few occasions that our Kids Cycling group “The Heaton Goonies” is by far Safer, Better organised & that we are more advanced than some Adult cycling groups that have been goin for 10 yrs+, Which is a massive achivement alone..

All down to Carl’s backing & the 100s of hours back round work, Meetings & fundraisers ect.. That i put into the Goonies & the group..

Then there’s the physical side, The rides out.. We have done over a good few 100 miles easily, Around the North East & that was just in the last few months of 2017.. We have full intentions off 1000+ this year & we as a group would hopefully like to maybe do something like the Coast 2 Coast ride in the warmer summer months with some of the older Goonies Snrs, With a few nights camping out or staying in hostals along the way.. It would be madness with all the Goonies but no doubt we would all have a right laugh & as a cycling group am sure we would really enjoy doin it too.. Something that we all would be very proud to achieve together..

Thanks for reading, Sorry it so long.. lol.

Dean Holmes
a.k.a. ‘Papa Goonie’


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