The Rising Sun, Coast Road, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom

The Heaton Goonies are doing a Sponsored ride all in Onesies to the Rising Sun country park..
BBC cameras in tow, For our last bit of filming for a program all about the Goonies & the East Ends ONLY Kids Cycling group..

This is to help our group get the essential safety equipment we use on every trip out, Helmets, High vis vests, Bike lights ect.. And a boat load of batterys To go with all the lights × 1 (×1 spares aswell) To help ensure the safety of all the Goonies that use our services whilst out on the streets & Cycle ways of Newcastle..
Also to help with running costs of group, For example…Spare parts tubes ect,
Bike Maintenance kits oils ect..
Healthy snacks & drinks
Torches,Head torches for these darker winter months & our Midnight rides out, Ghost hunting ect..

Tbh the kit we use to keep every Goonie safe & happy is growing bigger & more costly with every trip, As I learn to prepare for all eventualitys..
And of course the bigger the group gets the bigger the costs will be to keep us going and doing what we do..

I am really proud of the Goonies as all the fund raising we do is all there own ideas & ventures, Last year there achievements with funding were awesome..
This year they plan on Bigger & Better ideas for fundraising, Not just to benefit our group only..

They plan on helping other local charitys out to, which is amazingly thoughtful coming from young Jrs & young teen Snrs..
This makes me even more proud of the Goonies & how they are genuinely great kids, With Selfless kind hearts..

If any 1 would like to help out and sponsor the Goonies??
Please get in touch & I will get back to you asap to personally arrange something.. Thank you in advance.

If you see us out on Sunday Onesied up, Give us a toot or a wave..
As a show of support to our own local kids cycling group..

Cheers guys..


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