We are “The Heaton Goonies” The ONLY KIDS cycling group/club in the East End of Newcastle, For local kids in our community..

We have Goonies from the estates in Heaton, Byker Wall, High Heaton areas..

We have around 50+ Goonies in the group as it stands but could have a massive number of members as requests come left, Right & centre..


I run rides out- Full Day trips, Half day, Early evening and even Midnight runs ..(Which are the most popular tbh, Torches and head torches out the Goonies love them ) around the northeast (Daily when the schools on hols) We also do none cycling activities when possible, Swimming, Days out at the beach, Climbing centres, Cookery lessons ( When available) Scooter days at skate parks, Museums.. Anything and Everything tbh..

The group will still be running were the Goonies will have the choice to participate in only 2-3 early evening trips during the School week..

Then the weekend we can do full days and Midnight runs..


Our group has proved very beneficial to all the Goonies using it..

Them being outside riding their bikes is a lot Healthier than being in their rooms on Xbox (Or whatever Lol) with all the benefits of exercising and Keeping fit etc.. Therefore getting healthier..

Even the socialising aspect is beneficial to the Goonies in the group as its face2face socialising not online..

The bond between the Goonies that use the group has grown massively and the friendships made will last a lifetime..

The feedback I am getting from parents, Grandparents, Doctors, Teachers, The police force, Every 1..It has been really overwhelming tbh..


We have a group page on facebook “The Heaton Goonies cycling group” with 1600+ members which is still growing with different people asking multiple times a day, How can they and their kids join the Heaton Goonies..

Get Yourself added to the group page to see what we have been up to..


Health & Safety

I Personally run a very tight ship with the safety side of things and a lot of background work goes into the running of the groups (Safely)  ie; Risk assessments for every destination on our books with high lighted safest route (Not always the quickest but its the safest) and any risks we may face on route (ie; A busy rd without traffic lights etc)

All risks we face on the route whichever destination it may be (As we have a couple dozen on the books that the kids can choose from) Are discussed in the safety briefing we have b4 each ride out we do..

I personally Ensure that the bikes of every Goonie that uses the group, Is fully working and safe to ride on the streets and cycle paths of Newcastle.. (As I have good knowledge on bicycle repair and maintenance)

We also wear high vis vests & helmets whilst out n about whether it be day or night as a safety precaution and it helps me know whos with our group whilst out at parks etc..

My bag gets bigger and heavier with every trip, As I learn to prepare for all eventualities..

Some of the things It consists of;

Spare bike parts ie, Innertubes ect.. (At least 1 tube for each Goonie out on trips for all different size bikes for up to 20-25 kids on occasions) That’s just the tubes…

Multiple Tools in case of any emergency repairs are needed whilst out..

I personally take PLENTY of fluids and healthy snacks (And chocolate of course) for all the Goonies to keep them fueled and full of energy..

I do ask the Goonies to take a packed lunch and plenty of fluids on our longer trips/Full day trips out..

But like most kids, They have eaten and drank all there supplies b4 lunch time.. lol..


All kids that join the Heaton Goonies cycling group must have their parents/ Legal Guardian fill in a form of consent with the usual; Name, Address, Age, contact details etc..

Obviously, any Medical conditions stated ie; Asthma, A.D.H.D any Allergies etc..

With a different Emergency contact..(Not same as original contact)

Also, a liability form to be signed by both parent & new Goonies


Every Goonie in our group must also first; Read, Understand, Follow and sign the Groups rules form.. (of which 9 out of 10 of the rules are to just follow our safety procedures (ie; Wear high vis vest, Helmets, Lights on bikes etc..) and Instruction/guidance whilst on Streets/Cycleways when out..) and to Respect there fellow Goonies and there personal property (Bikes,bags ect.).

First aid kit, Inhaler and spacer, Ponchos (In case of being caught out by the weather) Torches for every goonie out on trip.. (Extra Torches in case of any accidental damage) Spare Batteries in case they run out..

That’s just some of the items we have to have in our kit for the group to run safely and to be prepared for anything as the Goonies can be very unpredictable.. lol

I also ensure every Goonie must have lights on their bikes.. (whether its dusk/early evening and obviously the late evening/midnight runs) With spare batteries again in case they run out..

I make sure ALL Goonies are fully visible to everyone on the Rds/streets/cycle paths..

Join Us

The group is growing ever more popular everyday single day and as it does more people want their kids involved.. Join our mailing list on the right to be kept up to date.

Every 1 wants to be a Goonie.. Lol.

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